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How it Works

Live Watercolor Guest Portraits are a unique entertainment that gives your guest a special keepsake from your special day. You can choose from 2 different styles, detailed or faceless portraits that will takes approximately 8-12 minutes to create for a couples painting. A minimum of 5 hour is required for booking Weddings. Due to high demand for Live Painting, this service is NOT available for Saturday Events. Private parties and other special events can be booked during the week and on Sundays for a 4hr minimum starting at $400/per hour.

On the day of your wedding, I will arrive about an hour prior to the ceremony start to set up and take the first photos of the bridal party and immediate family members. While the ceremony is taking place, those initial portraits of your closest loved ones will be started. All of the paintings created are done from photos that I take to ensure your guests are able to enjoy every part of your big day and won’t have to stand in line to pose for a portrait. Moving into cocktail hour, is when a majority of the photos are taken for me to paint throughout the reception. I will also take a few candid shots of the newlyweds during first look or family photos at the conclusion of the ceremony. Portraits will be completed in order of which the photos are taken, with priority only to the couple whom will get an extra detailed painting. Guests will be limited to having one portrait each unless requested from the couple for additional ones with parents, family, bridal party, etc. As paintings are completed, they will be hung up and displayed on my backdrop to be collected. Prepare to be marveled as these are sure to be that one of a kind, high end wedding favor you were looking for!


Solo Artist Starting at $2000


(Recommended for approx. 50-60 guests with detailed faces)


(Recommended for approx.  65-80 guests with detailed faces)               


(Recommended for approx. 80-100 guests with detailed faces)